Foot Care For Diabetics – All You Need To Know

foot-bath-650874_640Daily inspection of your feet is one good advice given by foot healthcare experts, and especially if you are diabetic. Your feet should be checked at least yearly by a foot expert. Most serious foot problems can be solved by following some simple healthy steps written in the last paragraph of this article.

Many doctors give a general advice to diabetics to use special diabetic shoes and also diabetic foot care products almost all of the time. Diabetics are also advised to avoid being barefoot even if they are in the comfort of their homes. Foot care can be costly and health care experts give the best and most relevant foot care information. This information is aimed to help prevent expensive treatment due to the improper care of your feet.

Foot care products

There are diabetic foot care products like the diabetic socks that are engineered from anti-bacterial fibers that wick moisture away. This is a must have for all diabetics. Another type of special diabetic sock is the seamless sock. This type of sock reduces irritation, abnormal friction and even minimizes rubbing against the foot.

Diabetic insoles are specially made from gel or a moldable material. They are supplied by various podiatrists and are called orthotics. The insoles also provide padding and arch support that is of a specific shape of each individual’s feet.

Feet checks

alternative-medicine-1327808_640Annual visitations and consultations with a podiatrist usually solve minor problems like removing hard skin, calluses and corns. These are normal minor conditions on all growing people and the sessions take less than an hour with no pain at all. In fact, it even feels pleasant. For patients with diabetic foot ulceration, a removable cast walker or a total contact cast may be used.

Other major foot care treatments are diabetic lotion, foot cream, powder and spray. These kinds of products potentially reduce the risk of harmful foot microbes and fungus. Diabetic foot powders greatly reduce the amount of moisture. Foot care products like lotion should not be applied in between the toes or on feet skin that is too soft and moist. This can easily be a breeding ground for infections. Foot care lotions should be mostly used on dry feet skin and only applied on the top and bottom of feet.


relax-378476_640Prevention is better than cure and if you happen to have diabetes you are advised to have a podiatrist check your feet thoroughly at least annually.


The first step in prevention is to always wear shoes that fit well. For healthy, feet one should also keep their blood glucose in their respective range. Immediate attention should be sought if your foot has cuts, breaks or even has an ingrown nail. Your foot may also become less sensitive or pains in a particular area, this is also a verified reason to see your foot care expert.

Other home remedies in foot care that should be done to feet in terms of prevention are washing your feet daily, keep your feet skin soft and smooth, trim your toenails regularly and protecting your feet from hot and cold.



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