Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle At Work

Excellent Tips to Help You Control Your Appetite and Exercise to Keep Fit at Work

office-1870184_640For most people that work in offices, their jobs require that they sit at their desk for long hours in the same spot and this reduces the level of exercise that they get every day.

Most people that work in an office environment tend to add on weight very easily because they spend most of their time sitting at their desk.

Furthermore, when most office workers leave office, they sit down on trains or inside their cars to convey them home, and when they get home they also sit in front of their television set in the evening to relax. At the end of the day, the average office worker spends about 20 hours each day totally inactive

Walk this way

A few simple changes can help you add more walking distance to your day, giving you an extra calorie-burning boost. Parking farther from the entrance of your building will add steps to your day, as will using a subway or bus stop farther from home. Also, increase your networking while adding some much-needed movement by walking over to coworkers and personally asking or answering questions rather than e-mailing.

Exercise while you e-mail

Try these simple exercises to increase your circulation as well as burn some pounds–all while sitting at your desk. Work out your rear by simply squeezing the muscles in your buttocks and holding for 5-10 seconds, doing 10 repetitions. You can do this while your computer is booting up or while on a conference call, thus working out and getting work done at the same time.

Get friendly

office-photo-2071332_640The best way to stay healthy is to have a good relationship with peers for support. Ask around the office to see if others are looking to improve their health. Having a friend will motivate you to stay on track. Also, when others see you and your pal getting healthy, they may be motivated to do so as well. This could lead to an office overhaul to support a healthier lifestyle.

Tackle the temptations

cream-puff-2092988_640Office parties, candy dishes and offers to buy cookies or chocolates can lead anyone to stray from eating healthy. Beat these temptations by making small efforts such as eating smaller portions at the office party and politely telling your age group that you cannot buy snacks from their children because you’re committed to healthy living. Also, keep the tempting vending machine or snacks in the break room out of sight to avoid slipping up. Try eating outdoors diet in a nearby park or playground. This will get you out in the fresh air and away from the temptations indoors.

These simple tips will lead to small changes in your daily routine but big changes in your life. In addition to having a healthier body, your energy level will be increased, thus giving you the drive you need to work harder. And who knows how that new hard work will be rewarded! A healthier lifestyle also will make you happier, and this happiness will rub off on the rest of the company, creating a pleasant work environment for all.

So try a few of these tips to make waves in your office as well as improve your health for years to come.


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