Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we age

tee-1740871_1280Immediately after birth, the rate of cell growth is very fast, and so is our body. Then rapid growth is dominant in infancy and adolescence. But there comes a time where either the speed of cell death equals cell division or some cells just stop dividing; then there comes aging. Aging is an inevitable stage for those who get to live longer but what happens during aging is up to us. The diet we take, exercise, personal care, and meditation can help us manage aging and make life more enjoyable and longevity.
The reduced cellular activities during aging come with several health challenges and having the right diet can be used to maintain your body during this aging process. The primary thing that needs to be a consideration is the diet which should be whole foods with minimal processing. Foods such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains should take a significant part of the diets. When choosing the fruits and vegetables consider those rich in antioxidants as they protect your body from degenerative diseases.
In managing aging, consider the unique needs in the dietsalad-791643_1280. Aging people will suffer from reduced immunity, bone problems and a general reduction in physiological activities. In food selection, have enough calcium, for the maintenance of bones and teeth. Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese and other non-dairy products like kale and broccoli are rich in calcium. Calcium should also be accompanied with vitamin D. Vitamin D synthesis on the skin for older people is much reduced. Therefore you need to consult a physician on vitamin D supplement. Older people have a reduced sense of thirst which increases their dehydration; it is, therefore, wise to be taking in a lot of water frequently. Aging also slows down digestion in many individuals, taking foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, wheat cereals barley and oat mill can help you increase metabolism rate. You can also find fiber in fruits.
There are also foods that need to be avoided altogether in the management of aging. Such food includes sugar and refined carb. Sugar is likely to spike glycemic effect in diabetic then rapid crash leaving you feeling hungry which can encourage overeating. Sugar can be replaced by other sweeteners such as non-refined honey or fruits. Also, avoid situations of stress or loneliness that interfere with your metabolism. Click here.
yoga-2004477_640The other critical area to consider in managing aging is exercise. When aged people fail to exercise they become weaker, easily get tired, low self-esteem and decrease in self-efficiency and increased anxiety and depression. Exercise activities can include taking the stairs, especially when recovering from an illness. The stairs may look simple, but they require a lot of coordination of the body muscles and balance. Dancing can also be another alternative exercise. Dancing is fun and irrespective of the song, having some music in the backyard and moving your muscles helps keep fit. Jumping and hopping are another exercises that can be used in making your muscles alert. Hopping do not require much space and about 20-40 reps can be enough. Playing sport such as soccer is another helpful exercise that can be used by older people to maintain their muscles and bones. Yoga is another fantastic way to keeping your mind at peace and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Half an hour of yoga daily can be very beneficial to one’s inner peace. Click here.
Besides nutrition and exercise, personal care is another vital way of maintaining aging. Hygiene, dressing, and grooming can be challenging to most older people, but for proper management of aging, the elderly need to shower and groom themselves for sanitary purposes. With the reduction in immunity, hygiene is important to keep older people healthy. You need to be always neat with, short nails and groomed hair. The environment should also be kept clean to reduce any form of contamination. Saunas, frequent massages, and trips to the beautician would be very enhancing.
Proper nuno-gluten-bread-1905736_640trition and exercise are good for managing aging, but they are not complete without meditation. An older person would need to have peace of mind, also just like the other body cells are degenerating, the brain cells are also always deteriorating. Meditation is a valuable tool that can be used by older people to reduce brain cell degeneration. Meditation is essential for positive changes in areas of the brain responsible for cognitive, sensory and emotional processing. Meditation help older people to keep their awareness and that of their environment. Also, meditation strengthens the whole brain.
Management of aging is not a hard task given that you have the right diet, exercise, personal care, and meditation. There is much need for caring for the aging persons especially in developed countries where a good number of people have aged above 65 years and with low death rate.


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